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. he created a music cal movement that became -- musical movement that became engrained in people. now people pay their respects to the father of go-go chuck brown. thank you for joining us.
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i'm jc hayward. fans began lining up for today's viewing long before the howard theatre opened its doors at 11:00. we have team coverage of today's viewing for the music ledge jendle. we're going to -- legend. we're going to begin with bruce johnson who joins us from the howard theatre. >> reporter: they started lining up a couple of hours ago. i'm surrounded by a few of chuck brown's friends. it's been like this all morning long. wind me up, chuck. let's go to the videotape. ♪ feel like busting loose >> i'm both sad and excited. chuck and i were personal friends for 35, 40 years. >> i'm going to miss him. it ain't going to be the same ever again. >> the godfather of soul. >> the music, man, is unbelievable, manual. just wish -- man. just wish you were in that zone. just keeps you there for the
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whole party. >> chuck was like a father to me for real. he taught me, you know, the ups and downs of the business. >> we claimed chuck. chuck was ours. and we think, you know, he made it well into his 70s but we wish we would have had him a little bit longer. >> wind me up, chuck. wind me up, chuck. >> feels like an end of an era. it just feels like an end of an era. so sad. but chuck had such an impact on this city and his go-go that he will live on. >> reporter: that was virginia, the owner of ben's chili bowl. two legends here. talking to a lady, maybe you can speak for the crowd. have we taken off work? annual leave? >> i used a personal day. >> reporter: most people took off? >> yeah! >> reporter: i think i speak for the crowd. they think this ought to be a
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city holiday. so none of us are going back to work. let's go to delia goncalves who's with the crowd over there somewhere. delia? >> reporter: bruce, it absolutely is a celebration. people are in good spirits. i don't know about not going back to work today but that sounds pretty good to me. we're here on 7th street and look at this line. this line goes down a full block all the way to s street. we're toold folks will loop back around, police trying to keep people in the shade. as you know, a very, very hot day. so emergency crews are on standby just in case folks are over come by the heat but they say we're willing to take the heat to say goodbye to the man that meant much more than just music. >> chuck brown's casket arrived at the howard theatre for his last appearance on stage. sadly illness took him before he had a chance to make it to the sold out show. upwards of 30,000 fans are
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expected to say goodbye to the legend. lines started forming at 6:30 in the morning. vendors also lined up selling memorial shirts and buttons to commemorate the day. >> maybe some new artists can come through and help keep the legacy alive. sometimes death is not always bad. >> i would like to say thank you just for sharing with us. >> reporter: the family arrived for a private viewing before opening the theatre to fans. god daughter catara. natalee hop kinson said chuck's music literally rose from the ashes during a 1960's riot. >> one of chuck's legacies is that he actually created the music that would fill those spaces. >> reporter: not only breathing new life and hope in the city, chuck embodied the district's willpower, reinventing himself after jail where he swapped a carton of cigarettes for his very first guitar. soon afterwards, the legend, the d.c. icon was born.
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folks are here to say good buy to the legend, the d.c. icon. you can see the line as i said stretching down 7th street. they have shut down 7th street, a number of streets in the area so your best bet is to take metro if you are coming down here. bring some water. bring your patience. you are going to be in line for some time. they are trying to move it quickly. they're expecting upwards of 30,000 people to come today and the viewing lasts till 10:00 tonight. the family by the way asking in lieu of flowers, folks donate to chuck brown's foundation. and that is geared toward helping homelessness and helping folks ex-cons reintroduce themselves back into society. so certainly folks want to say goodbye to the man, thank you to the family and they're hoping his legacy will live on. jc, back to you. >> it certainly will. it's absolutely incredible. washington has never seen anything like that thank you very much, delia and of course bruce johnson. whether you're going to the
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viewing or just driving through the neighborhood, there are several street closures. right now t street northwest is closed between 9th street and florida avenue northwest. and parts of 7th street, 8th street and wiltberger street northwest are also closed and they will stay closed until midnight. we are going to continue to honor the memory of chuck brown with a live look and a look back at his early life. chuck brown was born in north carolina in 1936. he taught himself how to play guitar after a stint in lorton reformatory. in the early 1960's, he played guitar with jerry butler and the earls of rhythm. in 1966 he formed chuck brown and the soul searchers. he developed go-go music in the early '70s. his first hit was "we the people" in 1971. it would take seven more years before he became naptionly known -- nationally known with
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the release of "busting loose ." that was on the number one chart for four consecutive weeks. the influence of go-go can be heard in today's music and chuck brown will always reign as the godfather of go-go. right now on our website, you can learn more about today's viewing and also thursday's funeral for chuck brown. and you could also see our chuck brown photo gallery and see when the backyard band visited 9news now and played a tribute. just search chuck brown on our home page. ♪ brother can love another ♪ people can love each other ♪
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i'm one on one with edgar brootins, general manager of an african-american newspaper and they are having a big birthday bash at the afro american newspaper on wednesday, june 6 because the newspaper is celebrating its 120th birthday. that is quite an accomplishment. so many african-american newspapers fell by the wayside but the afro american still
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stands strong. it's been not easy. >> not an easy task but we haven able to adapt to and adjust to a changing situation, the change in the economy and to make use of the new technology in terms of publishing a newspaper. that's been our key to success. capitalize on the new technology. >> there's been so many changes from 1 ten years ago. >> even 20 years ago when i first came here, we had to physically carry the copy, the photos by automobile from d.c. to baltimore trial production department. now everything is done electronically, the time saver, money saver, personnel saver, and just hit the button, send and it's done. >> you need to celebrate because you have accomplished something that is great. what's going on? what type of celebration do you have in store? >> well, we have a big luncheon planned next wednesday, june 6 at the carolina kitchen restaurant. >> one of my favorites. >> you know the food is good
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there. >> one of my favorites. >> we have a select group of 200 persons coming with us, various groups and organizations that have been supportive of afro over the years. it's going to abgrand time to celebrate this time in history and to let everyone know we'll be around for a while to come. >> you know, the paper started because it started covering parts of the community that were forgotten and it still does that. when go to the afro american newspaper, you'll see stories that you don't see in other newspapers. >> that was the basis of the founder of the newspaper. that's one of the strengths of the paper that the family has maintained the leadership of the paper. we go out and find the stories that are otherwise not being told in our community and let that voice be heard to the general population. >> ii congratulate you. i celebrate you. happy birthday 120 years. edgar brootins, general manager
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of afro american newspaper. we'll take a break and olga will be here with the forecast. we're dialing up the heat today one more team, but the breeze is starting to pick up. that's a sign the cold front is getting closer and closer. i'll tell you how that's going to impact your afternoon commute and what it means for the forecast for the remainder of the week. all of that when 9news now continues.
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i've been combing trying the day's daily deals to find you deep discounts. here are some of my favorites
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on this tuesday. we start with a fathers gift idea. he can take a load off in a quilted hammock with a pillow. the price $59.99 from that's down from $200, a 70% savings. here's taking a load off for the tired feet. $35 for a 30-minute rel flexology foot rub -- reflexology foot rub and a 30- minute body massage. google offers has this deal at lan foot spa in rockville. there's a big toy sale going on at target. it's buy one, get half off at with -- off with barbies, legos, star wars, fisher. if you have a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from ow nice book. i'm jessica -- on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. today federal investigators are expected to return to the scene of a deadly mid air collision in fauquier county,
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virginia. to people died and a third person was injured. two planes collided yesterday afternoon over the small town of bealeton. a pilot and one passenger in one plane died in that crash. their small plane erupted into a fireball as it fell from the sky and the plane landed near john leddins' home. >> you could tell whoever was in there probably did not survive. >> the pilot of the other plane landed about a mile away. he's in the hospital this afternoon. we do not know his condition but he was able to speak with investigators shortly after the crash. 50 years ago john f. kennedy was president. the beatles had never performed in america and the city of charlottesville, virginia buried a time capsule. that capsule saw the light of day yesterday. reporter frankie jupiter shows us what was inside. >> reporter: the year was 1962 in charlottesville. this video shot on a super 8
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camera shows the moment of a time capsule being placed in the ground. it would be filled with items from its era. fast forward to today, 50 years later as many crowded outside a charlottesville circuit court. [ applause ] >> the fact that so many people came today is a big surprise to me. >> reporter: after being raced from -- raised there not one but two levels of concrete and sidewalk, it was lifted out. inside the capsule, a special edition copy of the daily progress dated april 13, 1962. other items included a real to real tape -- reel to reel tape of a speech by the then governor. >> i knew basically what was in the capsule and i knew that reel-to-reel tape was in there but it appear there is was two tapes in there. >> reporter: the city is working to find out the content on the second tape. edwin remembers the 1962 burial
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of the time capsule all too well. as a matter of fact, he was an official photographer for the event 50 years ago. he says he's excited to see some familiar faces. >> i think it's indicative of how much camaraderie there is in the city of charlottesville. i think that's the important thing. >> reporter: many years have gone by since 1962, and so many things have changed, but many say they hope the charlottesville spirit will stay the same for another 50 years to come. >> that was frank can i jupiter report owing. all of the items will be put on display at the albemarle charlottesville historical society and another time capsule will be buried this december. we're having beautiful weather. thank you, olga. >> we started out very good today. when i was just on the terrace a couple minutes ago, i noticed a difference in those winds. a cold front is coming our way so we're starting to crank up a little bit after breeze.
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still balmy. i think folks are going to have sunshine through the break today but later on this afternoon we'll see a couple of changes. so far we're looking pretty good. mainly sunny skies into the afternoon. i would say about 3:00, 4:00 is when you'll see the cloud cover start to move on through and that means possibility for a few showers and thunderstorms to begin to develop. in all i think most of us will hold off till the 5:00, 6:00 hour just in time for that drive time home. could be some wet pavement in spots and not expecting a whole lot of rain but we could have heavily -- locally heavy downpours. most of us make it into the #s on, near -- 80s, near 90-degree highs and we'll back it down once the rain starts to cool things off. we're looking at a forecast that will be pretty good for us as we head midday and late day. our day planner will take us out of the 90s and into the -- i should say out of the 90s and drop us back down into the 80s as the rain moves on through. and the winds will crank up just a little bit, about 12
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mile per hour winds by early in the afternoon as that front gets closer and closer. you can see the force of these line of thunderstorms already. we have a thunderstorm watch in effect just around the pittsburgh area. this will continue to slide on east. we normally track this and it makes some changes as it crosses over the mountains but we're expecting at least a good deal of that moisture to move on in toward our region later on this afternoon. so enjoy the balmy afternoon. right now it's 87 in bethesda. we have 88 across vienna. looking at 84 for manassas and 86 right now in alexandria. the forecast will feature as i mentioned more of those clouds moving on through. the humidity is high. it has been that way with our southwest winds. we're going to keep southwest winds as the front starts to move on through but behind it, that's what we're waiting for, that cooler, drier air will arrive. so for right now be prepared for a little bit of umbrella activity on the drive time home. we'll clear out fairly quickly. this is a fast moving front. behind it much nicer air. in fact temperatures later on
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this week should be comfortably into the middle range and upper 70s. so here's how we are looking for the short term. the forecast overall not a bad one for us. we'll be headed for the 90- degree mark today. we'll keep it warm tomorrow as well. the overnight temperatures will remain a little bit balmy for the short term. seven-day forecast shapes up like this. 87 our high on wednesday. by thursday you'll notice the change with northwest winds. we'll become a little cooler, back down into the upper 70s and even the middle 70s by the weekend. 9news now will be back this just a couple minutes.
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today i'm one on one with the co-founder of the silver diner. if you really want good down home food, then you've got to go to the silver diner. local and fresh. look at this menu. the options are just enormous. and the food tastes like your grandmother prepared it. >> i don't know about your grandmother but a much better job. >> a better job. >> today i'm feeling a little crabby. >> you are? well, you know, it's a great time of year to be crabby in maryland. because what's better than crab cakes in the some time in maryland. i like to -- in the summertime in maryland. i like to make mine simple. i do it with basic five ingredients. i have a little bit of mayo, bread crumbs. sour dough i like to use because it has a wonderful
12:26 pm
flavor and seasoning, lemon pepper and the big secret tarragon. just like strawberries and chocolate go together, like a marriage made in heaven? it's the same thing with crab meat. i get this beautiful crab meat, maryland bay. it's plentiful right now this season. >> i don't want to mix it too much because i don't want it to get mushy. >> oh, my gosh, you've down this before, jc. look at that. >> just to get it moist. >> can i hire you? >> yes. i'll come. they have restaurants in the washington area, baltimore and philadelphia. guess what? if you think the silver diner is not great, then you have not read "forbes" magazine because "forbes" magazine said you were one of the 200 best small companies in america. >> we are, absolutely. i look at all the beautiful food we v. we have turkey.
12:27 pm
it's local turkey. >> i love your turkey. >> it's all year long we have thanksgiving. you have beautiful salmon platter with argument chokes and roasted peppers and this for breakfast. these are not typical diner items. 600 calories. you'll love that. beautiful whole wheat noodles with mangos and then for the kiddies because right now we're really big for kids, we have menu items, about 70% of the items we have on the menu they're all kids friendly. complete meals under 400 calories. >> silver diner is a great place to bring the kids. >> absolutely. look what i like to do. when i have this crab cake finished, why serve them with french fries and coleslaw. i take local fresh spinach. again local. the stuff grows in the fields right around maryland and virginia all year long and you make a little bit of pomegranate dressing, a little mustard, olive oil. use agave or a little bit of
12:28 pm
honey and any vinegar you like to use. >> all right. the silver diner. you have several options, places to go. best food, i'm telling you, home cooked, fresh. i love it. thank you, chef. thanks for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. oh, my. delicious. [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
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